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Posted by jawalker213 - June 12th, 2014

Hello my name is Jay and I'm here show u how I like to enjoy my time

Posted by jawalker213 - May 25th, 2014

Just kidding, I'll still be on my break from posting.. I may be back.. maybe... glad to have found one more person I like on NG, though I often feel like going my own way entirely and changing absolutely everything I do... as much as I think I've gained some ground structurally and harmonically, sometimes I feel like my stuff is too melodic and too synthy... I still want to make all my sounds in fm8 for the time being, but perhaps I'll come up with a few new ways of making synths and try to restructure the format of how my tracks are usually laid out.

Posted by jawalker213 - May 23rd, 2014

I may be back temporarily, who knows.. feast away while it lasts! I don't promise to deliver spotless mixes just because sometimes, I feel like showing you something more than polish! Look beyond the surface to understand what I'm going for.

Posted by jawalker213 - May 9th, 2014

Hello everyone.. not sure how long I'll be on Newgrounds due to several things... one, the rating system, two, the cartoons in the background, three, lookin for something else.. anyway, maybe ill delete this profile and come up with a brand new one and start posting. Maybe you'll find me if you analyze my style characteristics. Maybe it'll change so much you'll have no clue! But deep down I think you'll be able to tell. Anyway, my email is jaywalkerpaz@gmail.com. See u guys later!

Posted by jawalker213 - May 1st, 2014

I hope that I can build longevity with my tracks so that way farther down the line I can continue to innovate and create in the way that I've done for the past few years. Certainly, it's not been an easy experience finding others to listen and, I know I shouldn't feel this way, but it's kinda lame to have random ppl just dock your work and not even say why, or get feedback that's rather short-sighted. Despite this, I'm proud of myself for not taking the easy way out and putting stuff out to please people, or get popularity. Certainly I could have shaped my tracks based on obvious, recognizable melodies, or generic beats, or even sounds that are making it "in the charts." Many people may not understand why I craft my melodies and sounds the way I do, but ultimately, for me it's about achieving a level of musical understanding and innovation that I aspire to, and I don't just hand that out on a silver platter with a red ribbon on top for people to mindlessly enjoy. Yes, my stuff pushes people, and people don't expect that or sometimes dislike that. Or most times, I like to think they are unaware of that entirely. But even though most people consume entertainment like vultures, I think the vast majority of them are after what's real. And so, what a contradiction art is!

Posted by jawalker213 - April 17th, 2014

Welcome to a non-conformist take on music and sound! I make all of my sounds in fm8 from scratch every day, love my new X20 Fujifilm camera, live in Pittsburgh even though I was raised in various countries in South America, really like pizza, and love rock n roll. and girls.


note: if anyone wants to say anything to me, message me.

Posted by jawalker213 - April 14th, 2014

At times very much at odds with mainstream culture, including, especially, online trends and attitudes. In this world of corruption in the media, enslaving us morally, financially, culturally, and spiritually, I present to you a different way of seeing the world. I operate almost independently to what's mainstream, yet I love history and am extremely interested in many periods of time. These days, I've been discovering the early Beatles period up until 1962, and learning the harmonies of the swing era. I love fashion, art, culture from so many different places and periods of time. So, to me, it isn't all ironic that I don't want my mind polluted by what society says is right or wrong. Instead, I enjoy interacting with my friends and family, which are definitely above all else, even if they often don't understand or react to my music. As far as my music (and now photography), I'm creating a unique way that I can express myself and live in such a way that art is what I live, and there are such great moments in my everyday life that I'm happy not conforming to what's not real.

Posted by jawalker213 - April 10th, 2014

In some ways, I love newgrounds. I love the ability to post and have your stuff seen, even if you're a "nobody!" I love the fact that it IS a community and people can comment. Even though I don't like the grading system (I always hated it at school), I love that it's a dialogue and you can actually get an accurate response on how your stuff rates on the popularity spectrum. I have to say, though, the public is not always correct (and sometimes rude and old-fashioned).. and it's good to have an internal backbone to fight that.. but as far as music-posting sites, I have to say that I really like NG! So... please enjoy my music because I'm in a happy place, and seek out the people who are original, against the grain, have high internal standards, and love to rock. That's where it's at, even if it isn't the mainstream "best!"

Posted by jawalker213 - April 3rd, 2014

Things have been becoming more exciting. One thing I've learnt is how to challenge myself and push myself to become better all the time. I guess feeling alone for a long time does have at least one benefit. That said, I encourage everyone to form incredible connections and to always follow the energy. That's what art is all about.. it's not technique or practice or experience. If you are maximizing that energy you are hitting the spot. Other people can help you with that.. it's just finding the people who help that energy grow.

Posted by jawalker213 - March 24th, 2014

Yes, it's true I've made many tracks here out of spite to many people because I feel that the ratings/comments I've gotten have missed the point of what I've been trying to do. Still, while it's helped me to be able to express emotion more directly, I know that many of you are much like me and trying their best... though at times people might be self-centered and have the internet mob mentality which reminds me of the german complacency in ww2 (or any country for that matter), I feel that there's a bigger and more positive approach. I really need to ignore the ratings and comments as much as I feel like this thing that I put all my soul into, music, is largely ignored and I'd reallyl ike an audience. Someday that will change and many will listen, especially as I know that I'm on the path to creating something incredible. But for now, I'm just realizing I'm on a journey, and everything will be ok.