NG internet ppl

2014-03-24 12:04:50 by jawalker213

Yes, it's true I've made many tracks here out of spite to many people because I feel that the ratings/comments I've gotten have missed the point of what I've been trying to do. Still, while it's helped me to be able to express emotion more directly, I know that many of you are much like me and trying their best... though at times people might be self-centered and have the internet mob mentality which reminds me of the german complacency in ww2 (or any country for that matter), I feel that there's a bigger and more positive approach. I really need to ignore the ratings and comments as much as I feel like this thing that I put all my soul into, music, is largely ignored and I'd reallyl ike an audience. Someday that will change and many will listen, especially as I know that I'm on the path to creating something incredible. But for now, I'm just realizing I'm on a journey, and everything will be ok.


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