back on break

2014-05-25 12:16:45 by jawalker213

Just kidding, I'll still be on my break from posting.. I may be back.. maybe... glad to have found one more person I like on NG, though I often feel like going my own way entirely and changing absolutely everything I do... as much as I think I've gained some ground structurally and harmonically, sometimes I feel like my stuff is too melodic and too synthy... I still want to make all my sounds in fm8 for the time being, but perhaps I'll come up with a few new ways of making synths and try to restructure the format of how my tracks are usually laid out.


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2014-05-25 17:40:50

Does anyone create samples anymore, and pitch shift them into notes for songs?

jawalker213 responds:

Haven't tried but might be a good idea considering how much stuff I have an it not really going to use.. My friend suggested getting samples of previous mixes rather than individual sounds.


2014-05-25 19:05:01

If you go the gear, keep experimenting. There's plenty of good noises out there, why used canned, when there's fresh stuff out there?