happy NG day

2014-04-10 18:15:33 by jawalker213

In some ways, I love newgrounds. I love the ability to post and have your stuff seen, even if you're a "nobody!" I love the fact that it IS a community and people can comment. Even though I don't like the grading system (I always hated it at school), I love that it's a dialogue and you can actually get an accurate response on how your stuff rates on the popularity spectrum. I have to say, though, the public is not always correct (and sometimes rude and old-fashioned).. and it's good to have an internal backbone to fight that.. but as far as music-posting sites, I have to say that I really like NG! So... please enjoy my music because I'm in a happy place, and seek out the people who are original, against the grain, have high internal standards, and love to rock. That's where it's at, even if it isn't the mainstream "best!"


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2014-04-11 08:41:14

I really like your music dude keep it up! ^w^