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2014-04-14 13:14:34 by jawalker213

At times very much at odds with mainstream culture, including, especially, online trends and attitudes. In this world of corruption in the media, enslaving us morally, financially, culturally, and spiritually, I present to you a different way of seeing the world. I operate almost independently to what's mainstream, yet I love history and am extremely interested in many periods of time. These days, I've been discovering the early Beatles period up until 1962, and learning the harmonies of the swing era. I love fashion, art, culture from so many different places and periods of time. So, to me, it isn't all ironic that I don't want my mind polluted by what society says is right or wrong. Instead, I enjoy interacting with my friends and family, which are definitely above all else, even if they often don't understand or react to my music. As far as my music (and now photography), I'm creating a unique way that I can express myself and live in such a way that art is what I live, and there are such great moments in my everyday life that I'm happy not conforming to what's not real.


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2014-04-14 15:32:47

Yeah the Beatles and Kennedy being shot sure shook our foundations. I read (and watched) sci-fi/fantasy about our modern days, in the 1980's, never thought it would turn into reality. But we got snookered good when 9/11 happened, that and all the other secrets the US gov't keeps, has certainly made us insane :|

jawalker213 responds:

Do you by chance remember what you read/watched in the 80s? I'd be interested in checking it out!


2014-04-14 16:49:00

Not really, sorry... there were a lot of prescience short stories in magazines back then, the best ones came from my freshman English teacher... using the internet to make money off of views, moral decay, police state in all it's variety.

The 80's were replete with worst case scenario flicks. I live movies, mostly due to the slivers of truth, along side how we're going to live in the near future... future shock absorbers.

You get a chance, check out he writes and makes wit the tunes....

jawalker213 responds:

Thanks VicariousE!


2014-04-14 16:50:02

*prescient (short stories).. I think.