my name is JAY

2014-04-17 17:19:26 by jawalker213

Welcome to a non-conformist take on music and sound! I make all of my sounds in fm8 from scratch every day, love my new X20 Fujifilm camera, live in Pittsburgh even though I was raised in various countries in South America, really like pizza, and love rock n roll. and girls.


note: if anyone wants to say anything to me, message me.


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2014-04-17 17:36:26

Hey I made all my sounds from scratch too!!! I'd say its a better path because it makes you appreciate the work that goes into stuff...


2014-04-17 20:37:55

Jay...ass in Michael Jay Fox OMG GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK I HAVE CAKE um I mean pie Pie PIE!!!!!!!!


2014-04-17 20:59:38

That looks like a sweet camera! I'm trying to find a cheaper one for the site's party next week; low light kinda shooting, the bane of digital photography.

I'm surprised how many NGers come from Pittsburgh! I bet if you started a thread in BBS/General called "Who lives in Pittsburgh?", you'd get at least a page of responses.